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London Fashion Week S/S '18 Day -1-

Did you miss out? We tell you all about it!!


London is buzzing with excitement, and there is no questioning why. London Fashion Week has arrived and we are loving the ambience in the city - from photographers and models on most corners making the most of London’s unique landscape to all the different attire choices going from classy to bold, with cosplay, pokemon backpacks and everything in between.




We kicked off the season with Dr Pam Hoggs INNOCENCE collection which was everything but innocent. Extravagant feathers and colours were certainly on display during the show, which had a very Avant-Garde vibe and would have looked amazing on Salvador Dali or Picasso’s canvas. We absolutely adored the finale with the pink and blue feathers strategically placed (with the majority of them on the models head).


We walked into candy land with Billie Jacobina’s collection, Billie’s Bakery (which was apparently inspired by Billie’s experience while working in a bakery so it is no wonder everything looked so yummy)— the colours, the enthusiasm, the music and the colourful sweets being passed around the room made it for a DELICIOUS event. If you missed out but want to know more check out


The Swedish School of Textiles collection showcased the work of Fashion Bachelor and Master students. These are the designers of the future so it was very eye opening to be able to see their collections; the two that stood out the most to us where ‘Have a seat’ by Louise Linderoth, where half the models performed the catwalk in wheelchairs and seemed to have jeans tied up to their neck and Anne Keogh Tulstrip with her ‘Illusory Deception’ collection with was filled with bright colours, sheer materials and without a doubt a very bold statement.


ONE STOPWATCH showcased the Ji Won Choi, Neo Design, Starsica and Triinu Pungits and while all of them were so different, they all seemed to have something in common, bright colours, geometrical shapes, comfortable and baggy attires and a very futuristic look.





We had the pleasure of photographing fashion icon - Pandemonia, who has been present at every single London Fashion Show since 2009. We still do not know who she/he is, but we wouldn't imagine being at LFW without seeing the tall, inflatable and glossy blonde persona.



Talking about pleasure, we also had the HONOR of meeting and talking to Sue Dray, what a lovely woman she is, and her fashion art is just amazing!! (She was even kind enough to pose for a photo with us).



Michaela Frankova had the dreamiest collection, it truly belonged in a fairytale and was my personal favourite of the day. Who doesn't love glitter, flowing dresses and princess gowns? Amira Baroon also did an amazing job with her Dubai Fashion showcase, the colours really merged together gradually in a very fascinating manner.



We cannot wait to see what else is coming our way for the rest of the week!
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Oh and we must not forget - We meet and photographed the members of ‘The Fourth Kingdom’, if you do not know who they are.. Look up their latest single ‘Broken’ their mix of pop and R&B will blow your socks off. Personally they remind me of a more poppy weekend. They will soon be touring in the US, but we cannot wait to have you guys back in the UK. 


By Sonia DoubleG

By Sonia