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Fashions Finest / London Fashion Week

LFW is it worth the hype?

London Fashion Week just gets better and better. We can’t get over how amazing everything is turning out to be, is it worth the hype? We definitely think so. What do you think? Let us know in the comments down below. How much are you loving or wishing you were at London Fashion Week?



The amount of work that goes into creating each show is mind-blowing and today we got to experience it first hand. Ever wondered what it is like to be on the other side of the catwalk? Keep reading we tell you all about it!



Hanging out with models is definitely not something we had expected doing when waking up on the morning of the third day of London Fashion Show but that is exactly what we did. Not only did we hang out with them but we got see what all the different outfits looked like, the amount of work and organisation that goes into putting a fashion show together and of course, hair and make-up which was extremely exciting.




We attended FASHIONS FINEST shows which contained designers such as Chaela Rose, Thara Nketia, Helen Howe and Koyawo. Our favourites were without a doubt Tahra Nkelia with her glittery and sexy collection which had a very good play of opacity and Helen Howe with her autumn vibes, boyish collection filled with blazers that was very fitting for the season and weather in London.







By Sonia DoubleG