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Do you LOVE travelling?

Are you looking for some inspiration?

Here we have collected some genuinely impressive cities in Europe that we hope will trigger your wanderlust!

- TOP 10 -


Such a beautiful city and even Ed Sheeran inspired by it;
Whether you like the beach, the mountains or the city life, you will find something to do in Barcelona.



No matter how many times we visit Amsterdam, we just can’t get enough of it. Such a fascinating city.

The canals make it unique, but have you ever noticed how the doors are all different?


The city of croissants, art and love, If you are looking for a quick romantic getaway Paris is still the city for you as cliche as that might sound.




A very vibrant city, filled with green spaces, places to eat lovely tapas, and beautiful museums.
The perfect combination is a quick city break. We strongly recommend a visit to the Prado and Thyssen Museums.




Ever wondered what it feels like to walk into a fairytale?
Go to Prague! It is such a beautiful city. From the view, you get from St Vitus to the different bridges (which you just have to see!),
everything about Prague had us in awe.
 Our advice?
Do not go in January unlike you like being extremely cold 24/7.




A few hours in Vienna were enough to make us fall in love with the city.
You just have to see it with your own eyes; beauty is all around you.




If you go summer, you will get to see the beer gardens in full glory maybe even enjoy a pretzel or two (Who is judging? We aren’t). If you find yourself craving Italian food, first you are in the wrong country, second, there is somewhere you can go, EATALY is a little Italian food gem hidden in Munich.




Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be on a movie set?
Go to Verona and not only you will feel part of the cast of ‘Letters to Juliet’ but you will love it. 
Beyond Creativity!

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